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Vegetable Samosas
Crispy pastries stuffed with spiced potatoes and peas. Vegan. – Price: $4.50

Vegetable Pakoras *
Vegetable fritters flavored with carom seeds. Vegan. – Price: $4.50

Chicken Pakoras *
Chicken fritters flavored with carom seeds. – Price: $5.50

Papdi Chat
Crispy chips with potato and chick peas salad, tamarind and cumin yogurt. – Price: $5.00

Aloo Bhaja *
Crispy potato skins mixed with spices and herbs. Vegan. – Price: $4.50

Mirch Paneer Tikka *
Grilled paneer sauteed with spices, sweet peppers and onion. – Price: $7.50

Lahsuni Paneer Tikka *
Grilled Tandoori paneer flavored with peppers, garlic and spices. – Price: $7.50

Vegetarian Assorted Appetizer
Samosas, assorted vegetable pakoras and paneer pakoras. – Price: $8.00

Aloo Cashew Rolls
Potatoes mixed with spices in a herb cashew crust. Vegan. – Price: $5.00

Chicken 65
Spicy, fried chicken. A South Indian specialty. – Price: $7.50

Murgh Malai *
Tender chicken marinated with cream cheese, pepper and cooked in the tandoor. – Price: $7.50

Fish Amritsari *
Spicy, deep fried tilapia fish. A North Indian specialty. – Price: $7.50

Karavalli Shrimp *
Shrimp sauteed with mustard seeds and curry leaves. – Price: $8.00

Goan Curried Mussels *
Mussels cooked with fresh coconut curry, lime, tomato and ginger. – Price: $8.00

Bombay Crab Cakes
Delicious crab cakes served with a special sauce. – Price: $7.50

Tandoori Assorted Appetizer *
Assortment of seekh kabab, chicken tikka and tandoori shrimp. – Price: $12.00

* denotes gluten free

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