What Culinary Features Make The Indian Cuisine’s Success In The US?

Only a few foreign cuisines could find a skyrocketing success in the American restaurant and food industry. We already know that the most beloved and successful cuisines in the US are the Italian, Chinese, French, Japanese and Korean cuisines, along with the Mexican cuisine (most possibly because of geographical reasons).

Although you may think that India is a developing Country whose poverty level is one of the most worrying in this world, as a matter of fact, its cuisine’s traditions are as attractive as no other existing cuisine!

Expect to find a large number of Indian restaurants in the US, mostly privately owned by genuine Indian people who could build up their own business overseas.

Irresistible Dishes And FlavorsMutton Rogan Josh

One of the most evident features of the Indian cuisine is the richness of flavors: spicy, harsh or sweet. The Indian flavors are extremely diversified and they vary a lot, sometimes even in the same recipe.

Basically, North Indian food come with strongly tasty flavors, but here are some of the most appreciated Indian dishes and foods overseas (remember than India is made of 29 states and each has its own culinary traditions!):

  • Biryani
  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Mutton Rogan Josh
  • Paneer Tikka
  • Naan

A common feature to all types of Indian cuisines is that they all are diversified and offer nutritionally balanced meals.

Where To Find Indian Cuisine Today

If you live in the US you can find several Indian restaurants, especially if you are in a big city or town. It’s interesting to notice that in Las Vegas a large number of casinos offer Indian meals while more Indian restaurants are popping up in the nearby of the Strip.

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